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SwingMania started as a yearly swing dance event held in Launceston, bringing dancers from all around Australia together. In 2017 SwingMania formally became Launceston's swing school, and while we aren't holding an interstate event in 2018, keep an eye out for our special events including Come Dance With Us, Devonport Jazz Festival and many more!

SwingMania is Launceston's Lindy Exchange, bringing dancers from all around Australia to dance floors right here!

If you'd like a sneak peek at what we got up to at previous SwingMania exchanges, check out below. More information on exchanges around Australia can be found at

What's On

Friday Night Social

Time: 7pm-12am

Location: West Launceston Bowls Club, Merrys Lane, West Launceston

Cost: $30 or included in a full weekend pass

Theme: Dress as something from your favourite swing song

Hang out with friends, and make new ones while we eat pie, cake and everything you make!

Saturday Breakfast

Time: 10am

Location: First Basin, Cataract Gorge, West Launceston

Cost: $5 or included in a full weekend pass

Bring: Comfy shoes to dance outside if the mood takes you

Have a relaxed breakfast, wander around the gorge, dip your toe in the water and try the chairlift if you like. There will be time to walk to Royal Park and transport back to the carpark at 5pm.

Saturday Lindy Crawl

Time: 12-4pm

Location: Royal Park, Princes Square, Launceston Mall, City Park (weather permitting - watch facebook for timings and alternate locations)

Cost: Free

Bring: Comfy shoes to dance and walk in, clothes to suit the weather, sunscreen, hats and umbrellas.

Starting at Royal Park we will move around town, best to meet us at 12!

Saturday Competitions

Time: 1-5pm

Location: Over 50s Club, 47-49 Lambert Street, Ravenswood

Cost: Spectator $10, competition entries to be prepaid

For those interested in joining in the Trans-Tasman Dance Championships head to:

Saturday Afternoon Tea

Time: 4-5pm

Location: Launceston CBD (café to be announced)

Cost: No entry cost

Let’s have a well-deserved sit down after dancing and walking, and recharge with tea and cakes!

Saturday Grand Ball

Time: 7pm-12am

Location: Haven Hall, Launceston North Uniting Church, 128 Georgetown Road, Newnham

Cost: $40 or included in full weekend pass

Theme: All Things Swing, come in your best swing attire as we dance the night away to the fabulous sound of St Joe’s Big Band, Australia’s longest running big band, and they sure know how to get the floor moving! The bar will be open and pie and cake will be aplenty!

Saturday Late Night

Time: 12am-late

Location: The Haven, Launceston North Uniting Church, 128 Georgetown Road, Newnham

Cost: $10 or included in full weekend pass

Bring: Shoes or socks for dancing on carpet in a cosy historic chapel, BYO

Sunday Workshop

Time: 11am-4pm

Location: Haven Hall, Launceston North Uniting Church, 128 Georgetown Road, Newnham

Cost: $60 or included in full weekend pass – no guarantees of door tickets

Classes by Catherine and Max Pogonowski will polish your movement, teach you new tricks - and have you laughing for sure. For more information see WORKSHOPS.

Sunday Social

Time: 5pm-10pm

Location: The Gunner’s Arms, 23 Lawrence St, Launceston

Cost: $30 or included in full weekend pass

Theme: Your last set of clean clothes (depending how well you packed!)

Let’s round off the weekend with a chance to practice workshop material, while having a pint and a meal from the bar.

If you ask real nice and you still want to dance more, a secret after party may just happen…


Sunday 30th 11-4pm

Workshops will be run by Catherine and Max Pogonowski (bio below). Class material has been designed to give you new skills, improve your quality of movement and make your lindy and balboa shine!

Class One: 11-12


Start off the day getting to know Catherine and Max, along with some of their favourite concepts, techniques and games. This class will set the foundations for the remainder of the day.

Class Two: 12-1

Razz Ma Tazz

This one is all about the flash and trash. The icing on the cake. Those killer fancy-pants moves and rhythms that we can’t get enough of. Catherine and Max have a series of tricky tandem transitions that will melt your brain.


Class Three: 2-3


Whether you love turns or find them challenging, this is the class for you. It’s no secret that these two love to turn, so come along and learn some of their favourite turns and rotational moves – and of course, tips to make turning easier!

Class Four: 3-4

Get Rhythm in Your Feet

It wouldn’t be a day with Catherine and Max without Balboa – so that’s what we’re gonna do! This class will be all about flow and connection – with a couple of new toys thrown in for good measure.

N.B. You’ll need to know the two basic rhythms plus a come-around (break turn) and a throw out (toss out) for this class.

Catherine Pogonowski:

Catherine started dancing when she was seven and hasn’t stopped moving since. She studied a range of styles, including ballet, contemporary and modern jazz, but it was tap and cabaret that stole her heart, thanks to the style, rhythm and swinging show tunes.

So it’s no surprise that when Catherine found lindy hop in 2008, she fell in love. Soon after, she discovered blues, and of course, balboa. Catherine loves traveling to swing events across the country - and internationally when budgets allow. She loves learning new things, making new friends, geeking out and having a laugh. If she laughs, giggles or squeaks during a dance, don't worry - it's always a good thing!

Max Pogonowski:

Max started swing dancing in Melbourne in 2002 and has taught and traveled Australia going to dance camps since 2007. He loves Balboa, Blues and Aerials in particular, and just finished up 4.5 years teaching a performance troupe in Sydney.

Max and Catherine have won numerous medals at competitions around Australia, and Max has a few more tucked away from earlier days.